Double Hung Replacement Window

The Double Hung Tilt Replacement Window are a traditional American favorite. Just look at the majority of homes and you’ll see how very often this Window is used. You get great value, reliability and added beauty for your home when you have Everlast Windows Inc. install them in your Pennsylvania Home or Business.


Our Double Hung Windows offer these features:

  • Safe and easy cleaning of the outside of the window from inside of your home. No ladders to move and no need to hang on to the ladder for dear life high off the ground to wash these windows. Both upper and lower sashes conveniently tilt-in for cleaning.

  • Adjustable spiral balance system for years of trouble free service. At installation, your contractor, if you ask them to, can easily adjust the amount of force it takes to open or close a window.

  • Internal muntins for your windows mean easy cleaning. If you order muntins (grids) in your window for a distinctive colonial look or a diamond pattern that looks great, you’ll find they are inside the insulated glass unit. This makes washing your windows a snap.

  • Insulated glass units 7/8″ thick. Not only do these insulated glass units let less heat out of your home than single glazed windows do, but they help reduce some of the outside noise, too. Many people who have purchased insulated Glass Windows remark about “how quiet it seems” to them in the house.

  • Sturdy all Vinyl frames and sashes, available in either thermally welded or mechanically assembled frames and sashes.

Everlast Double Hung Windows:

Series 1000; Series 3000 and Series 4000.


Series 1000: Mechanically fastened and chemically bonded frames and sashes. This window, when bought with the Low-E glass and Argon gas glazing option, is an Energy Star qualified window. Low-E and Argon gas option is a modestly priced one that is well worth having now that energy prices are moving up more than they are moving down. This window is offered for both New Construction and also for Replacement Work.

Colors and finishes available for Double Hung Windows: Our standard color is White; Beige, Brown, Cream White and Sand Tone are a modest extra cost. Available finishes, at affordable extra cost are Light Oak on White; Light Oak on Beige and Dark Oak on White. If your home has woodwork that you are very proud of, these choices of finishes will help complement it.

Series 3000: Thermally welded frames and sashes. This series of windows is offered with the option of Low-E glass and Argon gas, but we did not seek Energy Star qualification for it even though we are confident it would have passed. This is an excellent welded frame-welded sash window. This window is our welded-welded Replacement window.

Colors and finishes available: Our standard color is White. At slight extra cost, we also offer Beige and Brown.

Series 4000: Thermally welded frames and sashes. The frame on this series has an integrally extruded nailing fin and J-channel, which makes it our welded-welded New Construction window. Low-E and Argon gas are available as an affordable glazing option; however, we did not pursue Energy Star qualification for this series of Window, even though we were convinced it would achieve it. This is our all welded New Construction Window.

Colors and finishes available: Our standard color is White; available at slight extra cost is Beige and Brown. We do not offer any of the wood grain finishes in this series.

Pennsylvania Homeowners get your Double Hung Windows from EverLast Windows Central Pa’s Best Window Dealer!!


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